Bilancioni tells a story
of Cashmere

BILANCIONI, the historical company of Castelferretti, opened the doors of  its  laboratory to its clients and friends of Marche region.

It was  one pleasant fall afternoon when  in the laboratory, the heart of the production unit of the company  was held a presentation in the form of a  story about the “History of Cashmere”. Guests were able to see and touch the universe and craftsmanship process  that lie round a cashmere sweater.  A kind of narration of how a cashmere sweater comes: from cashmere staple passing through the yarn up to knit stitch and to the most daring craftsmanship.

Valerio Bilancioni was the spokesman who  a few weeks ago  succeeded to the guide of the family business with more than 60 years  history  in the production of top class knitwear and similar garments.

A typical business story of complete Italian taste (100% made in Italy) initiated by Umberto Bilancioni and despite the moments of unfavorable economic situation of our days , continues together with his son Valerio who rejoined the company after 5 years’ period as Commercial Director for the Malo spa (another Brand of top cashmere items with worldwide fame).

Valerio Bilancioni who believes strongly in the synergies that are being created on the territory and the enhancement of Marche craftsmanship  cared to stress the following:

“I think even if we are in the era of digital information and innovative technology we mustn’t   miss the pleasure to meet and talk.  In the world where the web marketing  “domineers” and affects the lifestyles I consider it’s anyway  the avantgarde thing to show business realities that still rely on craftsmanship and mastery of ancient works that often are manual in which the contents of the “things” are still protagonists”.

Italy is a country crowded of artisans capable of doing things in excellent manner  that the institutional world should have the ability and ingenuity to preserve in the best way.

This  event was the first of a series of seasonal meetings  that from time to time will preserve as an object the  issues related to the product and the manufacturing process of an ancient craft like the one as knitwear working.

Besides it was also a proper  chance to present the new arrivals of winter collection  in the company’s store especially the new Lady Winter Collection that Bilancioni displayed for the first time.

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