Presentation of Spring Summer Collection 2018

Bilancioni Men Collection
from 16 to 16 June 2017
Pitti Uomo in Florence
(Central Pavillion Top Floor E15)

Presentation of
Fall Winter Collection 2017

With Fall Winter 2017-18 Collection the BILANCIONI brand grows and completes its walk, offering once again its absolute culture in knitwear working. Each garment is meticulously realized according to the foundations of the brand philosophy: craftsmanship and style creativity, high quality materials and technology innovation.

Bilancioni tells a story
of Cashmere

It was one pleasant fall afternoon when in the laboratory, the heart of the production unit of the company was held a presentation in the form of a story about the "History of Cashmere". Guests were able to see and touch the universe and craftsmanship process that lie round a cashmere sweater. A kind of narration of how a cashmere sweater comes: from cashmere staple passing through the yarn up to knit stitch and to the most daring craftsmanship.

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