An Italian Story

I perceive immense sense of pride being aware to belong to the second generation of one Marche family that with devotion to the art of luxury knitwear narrates a story of passion and excellence, values and bonds within its territory.

The brother of my father, Adolfo was the company founder in 1953 in Castelferretti, a small town in the heart of Marche, but then my father Umberto, who in the 80s, inspired by the desire to make garments that were distinguished for the refinement of materials and excellence of workmanship, defined a new horizon of vanguard aesthetic and qualitative canons in the knitwear processing.

For over 60 years we express our desire to carry forward this project, keeping intact the centrality of human relations and safeguarding high professionalism and technical expertise of skilled workers.

Our collections are realized exclusively with noble and precious raw materials that guarantee their uniqueness. An exclusive time is dedicated to each garment and each model is studied in every smallest detail in a passionate pursuit of perfection. The unusual balance between manufacturing art and practicality, between the refined elegance of the tailoring and the dynamism of the comfortable and contemporary sportswear are the strong characteristics of our relaxed and elegant style.

Today, our goal is to create models in which our artisan roots are combined with contemporaneity. The result is a product impregnated by history, quality and passion that define our concept of “beautiful and well done”.

We feel pride to belong to the high Italian craftsmanship, invaluable heritage of our country and our culture.

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