Ladies Collection

A collection that is the result of 60 years of passion for knits and culture of the Marche artisan tradition, enhances the historical vocation and business expertise.

Skill and craftsmanship, combined with the technological know-how, have produced not only a collection of cashmere garments but a real cashmere to be collected, characterized by a strong style message: the antipode of fleeting paradigms of fashion and seasons.
The absolute protagonist is the noble fleece, declined in sublime and aristocratic workmanship and matching. The result is an essential and elegant collection, in which the traditional styles of the brand, fit and blend with contemporary taste.

100% Cashmere Sweaters, cashmere and silk blended worked on different gauges from the F.7 to F.18, are the Must of the new line. Combine with double coats and cashmere dresses sewn by hand to enhance the tailoring.
Extreme proposals in the pants: “over” soft lines and drooping to recall comfortable jogging suits or leggings “second skin” tight, though both strictly in cashmere.
Nylon jackets with mink lining revisit the typical jackets from Bilancioni man, that fuse technical fabrics with internal knit, perfect combination of function and beauty.

A color palette that grows only in nuance of raw and natural gray to enhance even more the very elusiveness and lightness of cashmere.

Colors’ palette is composed of three main color themes:

  • The white in its shades and nuance;
  • Blue mixed with gray and octane as a color spot to warm the nuance,
  • The natural nuance of gray and beige to the hot tortora.
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