Men Collection

The autumn / winter Bilancioni research authentic colors and materials with particular and exclusive tones where details, identity features, define the Bilancioni style, emphasizing its authentic personality.

A new twist for a new contemporary look where the leading jersey is combined with garments studied in the material. This new collection celebrates casual wear and the new informal spirit behind the lifestyle of today’s man. Making a garment easy to wear requires a lot of work: true craftsmanship makes the most complex techniques seem simple.

Sweaters with the Inlay Technique. This method allows to perform drawings and decorative motifs maintaining a complete perfection of the construction both on the right and on the reverse side.

Ultrasoft also the materials that interpret the new season of the jackets, made under the sign of the knitwear: Knit jacket made of cloth stitch Bilancioni consisting of 10 parts lowered by machines and assembled with the technique of the loop.

Natural fibers such as cashmere and cashmere and fine silk made from selected and precious fibers, with micro-perforation 15.5 my treated with imperceptible finishing and pressing to explore the most exclusive sense of touch.

The materials always carry forward a vision of minimal but detailed elegance. Knitwear has absolute purity.

The colors declined all the shades of blue, camel-beige and gray warmed by the warm burgundy.

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